Winter menu 2020

Get a real taste of what Vesterålen can offer, and feel free to choose from our menu of the season.
25.01. - 26.03. table reservations only
18:00 - 22:00 (closed on Sundays)

25.01. - 26.03. table reservations only 18:00 - 22:00 (closed on Sundays)
2018-05-2212:06 Andøy Friluftssenter

Starters NOK 95 - NOK 145

" Todays soup" - small NOK 95 /lunch size NOK 145  - a variation of soups are served during the week in the winter period, with home-made bread. Allergens: varies from soup to soup, and gluten in bread

Pan fried scallops  NOK 135  - served on a bed of Jerusalem artichokes purée with a bacon butter sauce. Allergens: shell fish, milk protein

"Klippfiskcarpaccio" / Bacalao carpaccio  NOK  135  - served with spicy avocado purée, pickled red onion and pan fried sesame seeds. Allergens: fish, sesame seeds

Whale carpaccio  NOK 135  - marinated whale, served with white goat cheese, walnuts, and green salad with a hint of extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Allergens: milk, walnuts

Main courses  NOK 285 - NOK 335

«Cod-papilotte»  NOK  285 - ocean cod baked in the oven in a creamy bechamel sauce with herbs together with root vegetables and leek, served with almond potatoes. Allergens: fish, milk protein

Oven baked arctic char - NOK  285  - a small salmon fish served with parsley butter sauce with garlic, poached carrots, steamed romanesco-broccoli, and potato purée. Allergens: fish, milk protein

Lam shank  NOK  315  - the lower part of the leg of lam brassed in a red wine- and tomatoe sauce with mixed herbs, served with potato purée, steamed carrot and romanesco-broccoli. Allergens: milk protein

Moose pie  NOK  325  - pan fried meat of moose cooked with mushrooms in a creamy herbal sauce and topped with a pie lid, served with steamed carrots and broccoli, and potato croquetts. Allergens: milk, gluten

Reindeer beef  NOK 335  - beef of reindeer served with baked root vegetables and almond potatoes, and a blue cheese sauce. Allergens: milk protein

Deserters NOK  115 - 135

"Traditional Christmas dessert"   NOK 115  - cloudberries and whipped cream with home-made cone. Allergens: Milk protein, egg, gluten 

Home-made ice cream in a gluten free "biscuit bowl"   NOK  125  - choose between:

cloudberry ice cream topped with cloudberries,  decorated with dark chocolate and pan fried almond flakes.  Allergens: milk, egg, almond


caramel-cheese ice cream topped with "trollkrem"- a light cream of cramberries, sugar and egg white, decorated with dark chocolate and pan fried almond flakes.  Allergens: milk, egg, almond

Raw chocolate- and aquavit cake  NOK 135  -  a cream cake with an explosive taste on a gluten free biscuit base. Allergens: milk protein, egg, (alcohol)


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