Summer A La Carte Menu 2019

Choose lunch, small dishes, fish- and meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, dessert and drinks from our A La Carte menu served in our restaurant from September 1st. to October 17th.
In the spring- and the autumn period, we serve a smaller selection from our A La Carte menu. Welcome!

Lunch and small dishes

Todays soup NOK 115*/155*/165*  Our soup menu changes during the week, so please ask the waiter for todays option, served with homemade bread and ”flatbrød” – a traditional flat bread. (allergens: ask the waiter (gluten in bread)

Fresh salad with delicious local cheese  NOK 160 * served with an oil and herb dressing, and homemade bread. (allergens: goat milk, gluten in bread, (red onion))

*Gluten free bread can be served with all the above dishes


Child menu - NOK 85/125 - meat balls and tomato sauce with pasta and homemade potato puree, and brokccoli. (allergens: egg, milk, gluten/wheat)

Large warm homemade waffle with topping:

-  Traditional Norwegian brown cheese...NOK 60

-  Strawberries...NOK 60

-  Blueberries...NOK 60

-  Cloudberries...NOK 85

-  Strawberries & Norwegian sour cream...NOK 70

-  Blueberries & Norwegian sour cream...NOK 70

-  Cloudberries & Norwegian sour cream...NOK 95

-  Cloudberries & whipped cream...NOK 95

-  Caramel & vanilla icecream...NOK 95

-  Melted dark chocolate & vanilla icecream...NOK 95

Made from locally produced eggs. (allergens: egg, milk, gluten, (strawberry))

Fish dishes

Gratinated bacalao("white bacalao")  NOK 280                   
- in a bechamel sauce(white sauce) with chorizo, onion and sliced potato, served with a side salad. (allergens: fish, milk protein, (nutmeg))


Baked Arctic charr NOK 280     
- oven backed artic char with shallot and lemon butter sauce, topped with roasted sesame seeds, served with steamed carrot, steamed romanesco, and potatoe puree. The arctic char is produced by Sigerfjord Fisk in Vesterålen.(allergens: fish, milk protein, citrus, sesame seeds,(shallot onion))


Meat dishes

Reindeer from Vesterålen NOK 310 
served with steamed broccoli and celeriac cream, roasted potatoes, and a blueberry and red wine sauce.(allergens: milk protein)

Moose Pie NOK 320 
served with steamed broccoli and carrots and roasted potatoes. Made from local moose. (allergens: milk, bay leaf, mountain cranberries, gluten/wheat)

Vegetarian dish

Chévre & spinach risotto NOK 255
topped with roasted pumkin seeds. (allergens: milk, pumkin seed)

Vegan dish

Spinach & sea weed coconut milk risotto NOK 235
topped with roasted pumkin seeds. (allergens: coconut milk, pumkin seed)

Dessert & "Coffee menu"

Some of our desserts are made with cloudberries picked from Andøy Friluftssenter’s own cultivated cloudberry fields by our own pickers. The berries are picked with care to maintain the rich taste and best quality so that our guests can enjoy a special moment. All desserts are made with local eggs.


Blueberry-Madeleine cake (small)  NOK 65               
a French butter cake served with caramelized brown cheese sauce and wiped cream. (allergens: milk protein, egg, citrus)


Chocolate Fondant  (small cake) NOK 100                                           with caramel cheese and peanuts. (allergens: milk, egg, peanuts)


Cloudberries & whipped cream NOK 110                                      served with a homemade cone – a traditional North-Norwegian Christmas dessert with Ingvild’s twist. (allergens: gluten/wheat, egg, milk protein)

Arctic Creme Brûlée NOK 135              
egg- and cream pudding, topped with caramelized sugar and cloudberries. (allergens: milk, egg)

Vegan dessert

Oatly scoop of ice cream NOK 115                                            topped with cloudberries, fresh blueberries, melted dark chocolate, and topped with roasted almonds. (allergens: almond)

Warm & Cold Drinks

Coffee with refill/top up...NOK 40

Tea – black/herbal/fruit...NOK 35

Hot chocolate...NOK 35

Whipped creme on top of the warm chocolate...NOK 5

Espresso...NOK 40

Espresso, double...NOK 55

Cappuccino...NOK 45

Caffe Latte...NOK 50

Milk in glass 0,2 l...NOK 30

Orange juice/ apple juice 0,2...NOK 30

"Kombucha" - fermitated black ice tea 0,33...NOK 65                       (produced by "Råstad" - no added suggar) 

Coka Cola; regular, light & zero 0,33...NOK 40

Arctic water (sparkling); natural, lime & lemon 0,33...NOK 40

Pepsi MAX 0,33...NOK 40

Fizz orange/Fanta 0,33...NOK 40

Sprite 0,33...NOK 40

Non-alcoholic beer

Freeze Premium, no alcohol beer 0,33...NOK 55

Freeze Glutenfri, no alcohol & no gluten beer 0,33...NOK 55

Non-alcoholic wine 

In glass 15 cl...NOK 75

Bottle 37,5 cl...NOK 135

Bottle 75 cl...NOK 235

Sparkling white bottle 37,5 cl...NOK 145

Sparkling white bottle 75 cl...NOK 245

Beer & Wine

Beer (≤ 4,6%)

Nordlands Pils – Lager 0,33 (Norway)...NOK 80

Mack lsbjørn – Lager(gluten free) 0,33 (Norway)...NOK 80

Belhaven Amber Ale 0,5 (micro brew - Scotland)...NOK 110                 (brewed for game dishes)

Beer (≤ 11%)

Mack Withbeer (wheat) 0,33 (micro brew - Northern Norway)...NOK 115

Mack Porter 0,33 (micro brew - Northern Norway)...NOK 115

Harstad Trippel 0,33 (micro brew - Northern Norway)...NOK 120

Harstad Rye Pale Ale 0,5 (micro brew - Northern Norway)...NOK 120

White wine  

White wine in glass...from NOK 105

DR Loosen, Riesling Kabinett (Germany)...NOK 340

Welmoed, Chinin Blanc (South Africa)...NOK 360

Lindemann’s Bin 65, Chardonnay (Australia)...NOK 400

Dopff & lrion, Gewurztraminer (France)...NOK 525

Sparkling wine

Delorme Crémant de Bourgogne  (Frankriket)...NOK 510                    (Blanc de Noirs Brut 2016)

Pizzolate Prosecco - organic (Italy)...NOK 475                           (Glera Brut 2018)

Red wine 

Red wine in glass...from NOK 105

Lupi Reali, Montepulciano, organic (ltaly)...NOK 345

Chappelle, Grenache/Merlot/Carignan (France)...NOK 375

Falling Feather, Ruby cabernet-low in tannin (USA, CA)...NOK 360

Cavallina 2014 Shiraz - (Italy)...NOK 415

Passivento 2015 Nero D'Avola- (ltaly)...NOK 425

Riscal 2011 Tempranillo - Rioja (Spain)...NOK 510

Dessert wine & liqueur  

Pellegrino Passito di Pantelleria -dessert wine (ltaly)...NOK 70

Porto – Port wine...NOK 70

Sherry...NOK 70

Baileys Irish cream...NOK 70

Lakka Lapponia – Cloudberry liqueur (Finland)...NOK 70

Absente – Herbal liqueur (France)...NOK 100

Pineau de Charentes – Cognac liqueur (France)...NOK 85

Cointreau – Citrus liqueur (France)...NOK 85

Drambuie – Whisky liqueur (Scotland)...NOK 85

Jagermeister – Herbal snaps (Germany)...NOK 85

Gammel Dansk – Bitter snaps (Denmark)...NOK 85

Akevitt – Herbal snaps (Norway)...NOK 95

Cognac – XO (France)...NOK 115

Whisky & Whiskey 4 cl

Jameson (Irland)...NOK 95

Jack Daniel’s (USA)...NOK 95

Glenkinchie (Scotland)...NOK 100

Cragganmore, Speyside (Scotland)...NOK 105

Dalwhinnie, Highland (Scotland)...NOK 110

Laphroaig, Islay (Scotland)...NOK 110

Talisker, Skye (Scotland)...NOK 115

Oban, West Highland (Scotland)...NOK 120

Mixed drinks 4 cl

Gin & Tonic...NOK 110

Cuba Libre – Rom & Coke...NOK 110

lrish Coffee...NOK 115

Fjellbekk – “Mountain Stream"( Norwegian classic drink)...NOK 120

Siri Hofsø Hjellnes
A handful cloudberry
One hand holding a handful cloudberry
Nigel Turrell
Local food
Reindeer eating outside and seen from inside by a table sett with drinking glass, plate and cutlery
Nigel Turrell
Klippfisk carpaccio
Thin slices of cliff fish on blue plate, decorated with sliced red onion, avokadopurrée, and water
Jostein Endresen
Waffle with cloudberries and cream
One wafle on plate topped with cloudberries and wipped cream
Josefine Turrell
Our famous Moos pie
Moos pie in baking form with vegetables in serving bowl
Nigel Turrell
Whale carpassio
Whale carpassio on plate with chopped walnuts, white goat chees, and green salad
Nigel Turrell
Table with a view
Two persons sitting by a outdoor table looking at the fjord and the mountains
Nigel Turrell
Reindeer meat placed on a plate with herbs and vegetables
Josefine Turrell
Multekrem og krumkaker
Cloudberries and home made wifer in dessert bowl on table
Nigel Turrell
Continental dessert with a local touch
Chocolate Fondant on plate with yellow and blue dekoration and blueberries