About us

Ingvild and Nigel Turrell would like to wish you welcome as your hosts of Andøy Friluftssenter.

They began their small wilderness and tourism project in 1988 and since then have built up Andøy Friluftssenter stone by stone with nothing left to chance.

Building stone by stone, and nothing is left to chance.

Together they have built up a modern tourist facility which suites all your needs. And where history and traditions become an important part, at the same time being able to combine the modern and urban.

They are genuinely interested in giving their guests an experience for life. They wish you welcome with heart-warming and human knowledge. They know that every guest is unique and has different needs.

Ingvild is fourth generation on this farm. She knows this area like the palm of her hand. Her unique story about the history and traditions of the farm, and how they have used the natural resources for so many years. The hard work of her ancestors has given her the foundations to carry on their good work.

She grew up here, on Hinnøya, the biggest island in Norway. As most of the others she travelled to bigger cities as Oslo and London. But unlike many she returned to her roots.

Nigel grew up in a small village in North Nottingham, not far from Sherwood-forest in "Robin Hood-country".

They met in North Norway, while he was a soldier on a NATO-exercise. After that they lived in London and Oslo, but in 1989 they moved to her home place up in the north.

They have two children, Daniel and Josefine. They are grown up now and take part in the family business.

They are Vesterålens largest landowners where they manage cultivate cloudberries land and good fishing lakes. Important and delicious food is an important part of the total experience at Andøy Friluftssenter.

They are proud of their tourism facilities and happy that you follow their dream.

Welcome !